Commitment to Quality

Our faithfulness to quality begins with good quality starts and good growing environments.

Olive Hill Greenhouses minimize pests and disease through selecting disease resistant cultivars from clean suppliers, maintaining clean growing environments, inoculating our soil with beneficial fungus, ensuring optimum plant nutrition and water quality, and utilizing Integrated Pest Management techniques. Optimum growing environments are maintained by an environmental computer system which controls irrigation cycles as well as regulates greenhouse temperatures and light levels by controlling energy curtains, vents, exhaust fans, and heaters. Galvanized steel exterior walls with interior insulation help minimize heat loss and gain. Special double poly roofs allow us to run higher average light levels by optimizing light diffusion and spectrum for plants to grow at reduced leaf temperatures during the day. Most of our growing tables roll to maximize the growing area; in addition, we utilize the space above the tables to hang plants and shade plants requiring lower light levels.

The difference between an interiorscape grade and a commodity begins with the roots. While plants may look similar from the soil up, their longevity in harsh environments depends upon the health of their root system. We grow our plants for a set amount of time to ensure that they have an optimum amount of root system so that they may be enjoyed in an office or home with ease. We select a high grade growing medium that provides good aeration, releases and retains water when needed, and maintains it’s structural integrity and a steady pH over time. In addition to the roots, it is about creating a beautiful plant. Within the greenhouse environment, each cultivar of plant is treated a bit differently to maximize it’s potential. Pothos are cut back to create a nice full head, uniform runners, and optimum roots. Medium to high light uprights are given hanging space to create a full, compact plant.

An experienced work force oversees our commitment to quality. They are replanting, moving and spacing plants, monitoring for bugs and disease, and selecting plants for orders. They select plants that have achieved their potential – that are up to size, in the proper stage, and clean. Specialized carts and trailers are custom designed and constructed in house to move plants with efficiency and ease; minimize damage in transporting them from the tables and lines in the greenhouse to loading docks. We do not skimp on the sleeves or the flats – after our investment in cultivating premium plants, we want to see them arrive at our customers in good condition.

While we are constantly trialing new cultivars, they must be easy to maintain and have long lasting performance within our homes. If they meet these criteria they can earn a position in our product line and we are confident that our customers will also enjoy success. From start to finish, Olive Hill Greenhouses is committed to striving to keep quality and service our highest priority.