Bromeliad Care Information

This particular Bromeliad is a member of the genus Guzmania and is indigenous to the cloud forests. With simple care, the bloom inflorescence can last for months.

Maintain your Bromeliad in moderate light, with moderate temperatures, and keep slightly on the dry side. Avoid direct sunlight, extreme temperatures and drafts, do not overwater. Apply weekly 1 fl. oz. of water in the “vase” of each Bromeliad – the “vase” is formed by the leaves at the base of the flower. If you apply too much water, simply pour out the excess. Lightly water the soil every 2-3 weeks; allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings. Over watering of the soil or the cup will cause the plant to rot and die within three weeks. Bromeliads prefer pure water and are sensitive to salts; you will not need to fertilize during the life of your bloom. For more information about Bromeliads, please visit the website of the Bromeliad Society International at

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