Benefits of Plants

Indoor foliage and flowering plants actively work to purify home and office environments. These plants decrease the amount of indoor air pollution by reducing concentrations of formaldehyde and other volatile organic chemicals. Interiors with plants have 50% to 60% fewer airborne microorganisms and 20% less dust than interiors without plants; moreover plants are able to adjust transpiration rates, thereby stabilizing relative humidity to levels ideal for human health and comfort. Research also indicates plants reduce workplace stress, enhance productivity, and cut down sick leave expenses. Bring plants into your home and office and experience the benefits of a clean, well-oxygenated environment. Most foliage plants purify the air during the day; by adding Bromeliads, Orchids, and Cactus, this process continues during the night. For more information about how plants can improve air quality in your home and improve productivity at work, please visit the Green Plants for Green Buildings web site at