Anthurium Care Information

This particular Anthurium is a hybrid of the species Andreanum and is a herbaceous epiphyte indigenous to Tropical America. The Greek translation of Anthurium is “tail flower” and it is also known as Flamingo Lily. The spathe is the waxy, modified leaf that forms the heart shape of the flower and spadix is the “tail” where the actual flowers emerge. The spathe comes in three varieties – standard (the quintessential heart-shape), obake (“green ears”), and tulip (tear-drop shape).

With simple care, your Anthuriums will continue to bloom for months. Maintain your Anthurium in bright filtered light, with reasonable temperatures (60F to 80F), away from drafts, and keep the soil moist but do not over water. Place your Anthurium in as bright a light as possible while avoiding direct sunlight; lower light levels will cause flower production to slow down or cease. Exposure to direct sun or abrupt exposure to high temperatures can cause permanent sunburn though damage may not appear until the next day. Do not mist leaves. Water your Anthurium every 5 to 7 days – depending upon the time of year and temperature. Keep the soil moist not wet. Overwatering may cause root damage and yellow leaves while underwatering will cause the flowers to brown. Brown spots on the foliage can occur if Anthuriums are in dark conditions with no air movement and the soil is too wet. Maintain flower production with a weekly mild application of African Violet liquid fertilizer. Remove faded brown flowers, clean leaves with a damp sponge as needed, and watch your Anthurium continue to flower and grow.

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