Caring for the Community

Olive Hill Greenhouses believes that it is important to support the local industry as well as the surrounding community.

Community Benefits

  • Maintain Green Barriers around perimeter of growing grounds
  • We hire locally
  • Support local businesses in Southern California
  • Support youth programs with donations to Fallbrook Boys & Girls Club
  • Plant donations for fundraisers for Fallbrook Ag Boosters, local community groups and schools, San Diego Botanic Garden as well as to Pot-A-Plant Special Olympics booth, San Diego Botanic Garden’s grounds, and the floral display at the Del Mar Fair
  • Support educational and outreach programs with support of the San Diego Botanic Garden, California Agriculture in the Classroom, San Diego Agriculture in the Classroom, Fallbrook 4-H Floriculture Program, Green Plants for Green Buildings, The Don Diego Fund
  • Support the industry through membership with American Hort, The San Diego Flower & Plant Association, Society of American Florists (SAF), and the San Diego County Farm Bureau as well as support of the California Agricultural Leadership Foundation
  • Support research and higher education through support of the National Foliage Foundation, American Floral Endowment, Kee Kitayama Research Foundation
  • Educational Tours to children and the Fallbrook Community