Buyer Resources

Olive Hill Greenhouses is a wholesale grower that sells plants to brokers, wholesale distributors, retailers, and interiorscapers.

Our availability is updated weekly usually on Thursday afternoons. Our growers take a detailed walk through the greenhouse to identify plants that have achieved our quality and consistency standards, the proper maturity, and are ready to be sold. We carefully track the dates on the plants to make sure that they have ample roots and can be successfully sustained in interior environments. For quick ordering, we provide a single page availability with information on the color stage on our Bromeliads (LM – low medium, M – medium, MH – medium high color), plant size (S – small, M – medium / regular size, T – tall, S&F – Short & Full, NR – no runners, LR – long runners), as well as notes on our nicest picks. The checks refer to the quantities of plants available not the quality; if there is a minus, we have less than our normal weekly allotment. If it is not listed, it is not ready and needs more time to grow. Please be sure to sign-up for our weekly availability to receive our availability directly to your email inbox.

Please be sure to visit our care information to provide tips for your customers and don’t forget to mention the importance of having plants in your indoor environments. They make great homework/work helpers by promoting creativity and productivity. The do a great job at filtering Volatile Organic Chemicals helping to create a healthier indoor environment.